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Business Manager Visa Support

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What is a business manager visa?

What is a business manager visa?

This is a necessary status of residence for a foreigner to run a company or manage a business in Japan.



What you can do with a business manager visa.

You can be the owner of a company you founded or a company you acquired in an M&A transaction.

The spouse and children of a business manager visa holder may apply for and receive a family residence visa.

*Inspection criteria: you may need to provide materials such as proof of marriage, income of the spouse, proof of children and their age.



Conditions for Business Manager Visa

We have more than $5 million in capital.

We have an office in Japan.

We have two or more full-time employees.

Maintaining is more important
than getting a business manager visa.



Conditions for Business Manager Visa Renewal.

Business continuity is necessary.

Compliance with laws and regulations related to taxation, labor relations and social insurance.

*If the company is insolvent for two consecutive fiscal years, it will not be allowed to continue its business.

Our Strengths

Our Strengths

Even if you set up your own company to obtain a business management visa

  • Can I keep the company on track?

  • Can I keep the company's sales up?

  • Can I start up and run a company?

Our company can help you resolve these concerns.

- What we can do for you -

Our company is a M&A agency.

You can buy a company with a proven track record through M&A(mergers and acquisitions).

Our company is in the real estate development business.

If you want to secure other income as well, you can generate income by purchasing real estate in Japan.

Our company can help you with the process of obtaining a business manager visa as well as securing your income and obtaining a proven company.

Services Provided by Kyodo Corporation


Company Information

Company Information

  • Company name
    Kyodoh Co., Ltd.
  • Representative
  • Establishment
    August 1967
  • Capital amount
    JPY 20 million
  • Location
    4F, Nagahori Plaza Building, 2-4-8, Minamisemba, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka, Japan (Zip Code 542-0081)
    Tel:06-6271-3051 / Fax:06-6271-4120
  • Main business
    Real estate rental &sales business, development business, M&A, business succession, sewerage cost reduction business
  • Main banks of transactions
    Mizuho Bank (Kujo Branch), Isori Bank (Osaka Nishiku Branch)
  • Fiscal period



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    Privacy Policy

    • 【1.Name of Business Owner】
      Kyodoh Co., Ltd.
    • 【2.Usage Purpose】
      (1) Businesses incidental to obtaining a business manager visa
      (2) Post, email, phone contacts for the above purpose
    • 【3.Providence to Third Party】
      We do not provide any personal information to a third party for any unspecified purpose unless stipulated by laws.
    • 【4.Subcontract】
      We do not have any consignment for the management of personal information on any subcontractors.
    • 【5.Voluntary Providence】
      Providence of personal information is voluntary, while we may not be able to respond to enquiries with inadequate information.
    • 【6.Enquiries】
      4F, Nagahori Plaza Building, 2-4-8, Minamisemba, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka, Japan (Zip Code 542-0081)(Within walkable distance from Shinsaibashi Station, approx. 10-min train ride from Umeda station)
      TEL:06-6271-3051 / FAX:06-6271-4120
      TEL:+816-6271-3051(fom overseas)
      Enquiry about personal information
      Business hours 9:00 am – 4:00 pm (closed on Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, New Year Holiday, and summer holiday)
    • 【7.Personal Information Disclosure】
      Please contact us if needed to request for disclosure of submitted personal information.



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